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personalityflaw's Journal

laughing with the sinners
23 October 1983
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Anything thats not in the bio, you are going to have to ask to find out.

People on my friends list I have met in person: askme2stay,antsy_assassin, clarinet2mobldr, elvesforeyes, felchie, freebecky,goonie3, greeneyedgrrl iamnoodlearms , just2fun4u,kalisafire, sammi, kmkluvsjrj,,lillovebuzz, lskandor, onetaintedmuse,phishphan1211 , raefromjersey , skylarking, stabbedbyakiss, , taraleah, thrubeingcool, tinkerbell11178.

I would be willing to put money on the fact that i have at least walked by these girls at least once on campus
a_wonderful_day cinders_falling, illusivehope and rwt_fiction.

I created and try to moderate the following communities

24, 311, 50 cent machines, 90's grunge, absecon, adult swim, alpha phi omega, amélie, andy richter, angelina jolie, angus, apo, apple juice, bad religion, barenaked ladies, beastie boys, beavis and butthead, behind the music, boondock saints, calvin and hobbes, camping, cartoons, chasing amy, cherry soda, chinese food, clea duvall, clerks, conan o'brien, cream soda, cuddling, digital cameras, diners, dogma, dogs, donnie darko, dr pepper, dropkick murphys, dvds!, edward norton, family guy, fight club, finch, foo fighters, fortune cookies, gamecube, george carlin, get up kids, green day, honesty, hoodies, ice-t, indie films, indie rock, invader zim, jones soda, kevin spacey, less than jake, letters to cleo, local shows, mallrats, maximum overdrive, monty python, movies, mozzarella sticks, new jersey, nirvana, norm macdonald, obscure simpsons references, pavement, pete and pete, pez, photography, pink floyd, pinkerton, pleasantville, pop punk, psychology, queen, rain, rainstorms, rancid, red licorice, rilo kiley, root beer, rowan university, sarcasm, saves the day, seinfeld, simpsons, snes, snl, south jersey, south park, spring, stand by me, stephen lynch, steve buscemi, superdrag, swimming, taking back sunday, the clash, the daily show, the get up kids, the goonies, the sandlot, the simpsons, the usual suspects, the vandals, the wonder years, thrift shopping, thrift stores, thursday, tilt, tim roth, tom petty, toxic avenger, troma, unsolved mysteries, upright citizens brigade, video cameras, wandering, waves, wawa, wawa iced tea, weezer, weird nj, yardsales, ycdtotv, zits